VoiceMyMail is born

12 novembre 2013

Immagini dimostrative di VoiceMyMail, anche ad alto contrastoVoiceMyMail is a global and accessible webmail interface, that assimilates the main features of a modern web mail client with a series of innovative web-based instruments.
Its aim is to reduce the digital devide that insists on blind and visually impaired people: categories of users that can’t manage independently their own web mail accounts yet.


The idea was born from the fortunate meeting of specific experiences coming from the field of the Internet and IT accessibility: my knowings, as assistive technology and accessibility advisor expert, and those of Leonardo Paschino’s, who is an IT engineer, as well as associate and friend of mine’s. Together we chose to put ourselves into play, having the idea of rewriting and offering to the world a new definition of the disability/IT duo, trying to figure out a service able to combine innovation, ease of use and the maximum level of usability.

What does VoiceMyMail do? It allows the user to operate on his web mail account with the same efficacy that would allow a desktop client or a login on the mail provider’s Internet site. The result is a web application that is at first totally accessible and supported by assistive technology programs, and then gives something more, by reorganizing the datas to have the best possible comprehension by every user.

VMM is a global application, as it’s able to communicate with every major web mail service. Technically, VMM offers an unprecedented level of accessibility, thanks to our Tiche.js. This is an innovative engine: it generates contents that are compatible with the specific ARIA, and it allows the screen readers to fully appreciate all of the Web 2.0 contents.
VoiceMyMail is a startup by Innoviù, a business enterprise that factually works on many innovative projects.


We published a demo of the service, with some blocked features. We hope that it will be enought to show how many work has been carried out and show its enormous potentials. A crowdfunding campaign of the project will soon be published on indiegogo. Stay tuned and follow us on facebook for updates!


VoiceMyMail is a startup by innoviù.