The VoiceMyMail project

VoiceMyMail is the global and accessible web mail. It has been created and conceived for the necessities of blind and visually impaired people, but it can be used by anyone. It aims to fill the missing piece of the digital divide that separates seeing users by visually impaired users, who cannot yet independently manage their own email account.
VoiceMyMail integrates himself with assistive technology softwares and it generates an output which is clear, comprehensible and optimized for reading. Through this process, it gives back to the user the best possible answer in terms of usability and accessibility.

It is global because the user can control his web mail boxes always and everywhere with only one web interface, thanks to the Internet Message Access Protocol of his own Mail Server. There’s no need to install any software, nor to create new web mail accounts, because the user logs in to his e-mail boxes straight away by VoiceMyMail.

It is accessible because everybody can use it totally by himself, including blind and visually impaired people. VMM is the only web mail that, as well as satisfying all the formal requirements of accessibility, comes out to reach a further level, that we define as “substantial”.